You are a

  • captain/ship’s master
  • deck officer or technical officer
  • graduate engineer for ship maintenance (Dipl. Ing.)
  • Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.
  • Master of Science M.Sc.
  • ship’s mechanic or engineer
  • marine
  • a worker in another area of seafaring

You are a sailor


  • the German Navy
  • commercial shipping, e.g. on cargo vessels, passenger ships and barges, offshore


  • short, medium or long distance voyages
  • ferries


  • the German Flag
  • a foreign flag e.g. Liberia, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Bahamas


  • a German shipping company
  • a foreign shipping company e.g. Aida (Italy)
  • a German shipping company’s branch abroad, e.g. in Cyprus
  • a crewing company (e.g. Cyprus sea chefs Cruises Ltd. or COLUMBIA Shipmanagement Ltd.)

We are the right partners for you.

For many years we have worked with sailors in all areas maritime and in all seafaring jobs and as a result we have extensive expertise in international tax law.

We are happy to offer advice and assist you in preparing your German tax returns, taking into account the latest developments in maritime law.